Meet Our New Favorite Roller Skate Champion - Candice Heiden

By Jason M. Primrose

Meeting Candice Heiden or @Candai, (as she’s known to her quickly growing Instagram following), was love at first sight. The Pro Roller Skater and Co-Founder of @LaRollerGirls, came by our HQ, the FUTURE, to get #ButtonedUp. 

If you don’t know about La Roller Girls Entertainment, it’s time we gave you the low low. They were founded by a highly decorated group of competitive roller figure skaters — we’re talking 15 years of training, 4-time World Champions and over 30 U.S. National titles — who wanted to take their accomplishments to the professional level. Their mission: to provide a unique and awe-inspiring entertainment experience. 

During Candice’s visit we had chance to dish on her personal style, her predictions for the future, and capture her incredible skate skills. 

"Sometimes it's more rock and sometimes it's hyper-feminine...It changes day to day but I always love my hair messy and my skates gold.”- said Candice, when asked to sum-up her personal style. 

In this case, all that glitters, is GOLD. Check out the clip:

I always love my hair messy and my skates gold.
— Candice Heiden

She slayed. (Did anyone else notice the BUTTONS Bluetooth earphones stayed in the whole time?)

Before we ended our day, we asked Candice to tell us her best prediction for the future. “Things can seem quite scary at times, but I’m impressed and proud at how technology has given everyone more of a voice,” the pro skater said.  She’s excited to see young people feeling comfortable enough to stand up and speak, to have their courage filmed and shared worldwide. "I feel optimistic and I see hope for the human condition, because issues that were taboo subjects before this time in history, are now being heard by a larger audience.”  

We agree completely and we’re looking forward to more collabs with this intelligent and talented young woman.